method algal oil statement (north america 2014)

Thanks to everyone who has gotten in touch with us about algal oil as a potential ingredient in method products.  We appreciate you taking the time to talk to us about this.

An important point to clarify is that no method products currently contain algal oil. We’re sorry if you read something that contradicted this or created confusion.

Our mission is to create innovative cleaning products that are healthier and more sustainable for our planet. We welcome opportunities to explore and evaluate new ingredients and strongly support using science to pioneer safe, effective ingredients with environmental advantages, like algal oil.

We are exploring this ingredient for future use in method products because it has a significantly lower environmental footprint than petroleum or palm based ingredients. The production of algal oil uses less land, emits fewer greenhouse gasses, and requires less water than petroleum and palm oil based ingredients, making this an environmentally-friendly, renewable alternative.

This material is identical in use, function and safety to ingredients derived from petroleum and palm oil, but with significant environmental benefits. Rapid growth of palm oil consumption has led to habitat destruction and human rights concerns in sensitive equatorial regions. Pioneering alternative, renewable ingredients that minimizes environmental damage is in line with our mission and philosophy.

There is no GMO material in the algal oil produced from this process or used in a final consumer product. We understand the concerns consumers have around this issue. That is why we have reached out to several reputable non-profit organizations to develop guidelines and criteria to ensure the safe and responsible use of algae to create ingredients for soap.

Method has a strong track record of producing products responsibly. Since our beginning, we’ve proven that with the right framework, diligence, and scientific rigor, a company can create environmental and social benefit through sustainable product design and enlightened business practice in the absence of a global regulatory framework.

We firmly support your right to know what is in the products you purchase and will continue to support regulations requiring ingredient disclosure in all cleaning products. If we do decide to include algal oil in future method products, we will include it on our package ingredients list and website, as we do with all of our ingredients.

We welcome everyone’s views on this complex subject, and encourage anyone with specific questions to contact us directly at